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Perceptions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Conglomerates: History, Religion, Culture, Winter Olympics and War. Rich with all, what possibly explains the global oversight? War, a decade ago. Ten years gone and a new battle commences: against negative perceptions and widespread misinformation about today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mission: Destination Discovery. Objective: Dispense Illusions; Inform and Educate; Rebuild a Country. Enemy: Ignorance. Fighting Force: One Australian.

Internationals immersed in warmth and hospitality openly admit “This is not what I expected, I love it here!” and readily plan a return with family members. “Such a shame only those working with NGO’s experience Bosnia, I can’t wait to tell them what it’s really like here” often echoes off centuries-old walls. A trickle of information perhaps, yet Australian born Ben Robinson hopes to create a torrent of interest in the future redevelopment of the “Forgotten Jewels of Europe”. His creation, Eastern Europe Holidays, is far more than a tool to entice tourists and entrepreneurs to the region; it provides an information portal of truth to the masses. “Eastern Europe Holidays has significant areas of potential for BiH, and future economic revitalization of this region. Being the first of its kind, I hope to create long-term benefits for this country in both tourism and business sectors” openly admits Ben. “We will provide a thorough ‘tourist experience’ as guests combine relaxation with learning, exploration and discovery.”

The future of BiH, through the realm of tourism, has potential to evolve and prosper. Change common misconceptions through mediums of education and information, and BiH will become the capital of un-commercialised tourism. If variety is the spice of life, this country presents an unpolluted, harmonised weaving of landscapes, cultures and peoples. A mere catalyst, Eastern Europe Holidays only provides opportunity. Grasping is at the behest of the reader.

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